Brother Quattro Innov-IS 6000D SEWING and EMBROIDERY

Manufacturer: Brother

Condition: New


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Brother Quattro Innov-IS 6000D Embroider with brilliance using over 600 built-in embroidery designs  and brings you optimum performance in embroidery, sewing, quilting and crafting. Powered by your imagination and engineered for those who desire innovation including a number of groundbreaking features.

Brother Quattro Innov-IS 6000D Boasting a three-dimensional look and larger space, a simple touch of the stylus and the touch screen offers the brightest rendered images imaginable and Embroider with perfection, sew with unlimited creativity, quilt with ease and craft with brilliance all on the Brother Quattro Innov-IS 6000D



Brother Quattro 6000D Features

  • Full 10-inch space to the right of the needle.
  • 5-inch height from sewing bed to the top of machine arm.
  • 23.75-inch long sewing bed (with embroidery arm attached).
  • LED Lighting.
    • Full-spectrum natural daylight LEDs.
    • Light brightness equal in power to 56 standard LED lights.
    • Almost 10-inches of full-spectrum surround™ lighting around the needle.
    • Adjustable LED lighting in five settings .
    • New light diffusing technology.
    • New lens focusing technology.
  • InnovEye Technology.
    • InnovEye Technology provides precise needle placement.
    • On-screen InnovEye adjustment using sensor positioning sticker.
    • Enhanced edge sewing with InnovEye Technology.
  • New Print and Stitch Technology for 3D art.
  • Built-in Up-close Viewer.
  • Zoom function using Up-close Viewer.
  • Angle view for down-the-needle viewing.
  • Lighting quick pivoting.
  • Sew without thread for paper punching.
  • Superior feed dog system.
  • Automatic feed dog switching.
  • Built in designs.
    • 601 built-in embroidery designs.
    • Starter library of 8 built-in background designs for Print and Stitch Technology.
    • New built-in Kanji designs.
    • New built-in Greek Alphabet.
    • 40 new built-in Vintage designs.
    • New built-in Swiss designs based on Swiss lace samples circa 1900s-1950s.
    • 10 new built-in Japanese designs.
    • 20 new built-in square quilting designs.
    • 160 designs featuring Disney/Pixar characters.
    • 30 new built-in initial designs.
  • Hoops.
    • New jumbo 12-inch x 8-inch embroidery hoop.
    • New 8-inch x 8-inch square quilting hoop.
    • Built in large designs for the jumbo 12-inch x 8-inch hoop.
  • Embroidery background color adjustment.
  • Monochrome embroidery for single color embellishment.
  • Enhanced threading system.
  • Improved Thread Take- up lever.
  • Adjustable bobbin winding speed.
  • Improved tension guide from spool to bobbin.
  • New adjustable knee lifter with three positions.
  • Needle plate detector for safe operation.
  • Presser Foot Lever in new convenient location.
  • New ruler design with zero mark at the needle to help center designs.
  • Pointing needle mode.
  • Easy to use large start/stop button.
  • New embroidery edit rotation arrows.
  • Design duplication mode with embroidery editing.
  • Sewing stitches available in embroidery mode.
  • New embroidery unit connector door.
  • Readable PHC files.
  • Built-in Appliqué Creator feature.
  • Improved hoop alignment .
  • Built-in embroidery basting function.
  • Built in stitches.
    • 20 new utility stitches.
    • 121 new decorative stitches includes the number (#) sign.
    • New built-in Heirloom stitches.
    • Embroidery Design selection scroll bar for easier navigation.
    • 28 new border frame patterns.
    • 15 built-in embroidery alphabets with full complement of symbols.
    • 2 new small fonts.
  • 15 accessory feet included.
  • New foot for edge sewing.

Brother Quattro 6000D LCD Features

  • New 4.5-inch x 7-inch wide-angle HD LCD display.
  • 260,000 possible colors with no color shifting.
  • 160-degree horizontal viewing capability.
  • 140-degree vertical viewing capability.
  • Liquid Clear Digitizer.
  • TFT display.
  • Adjustable display color for easy editing.
  • Built-in screensavers with viewing adjustment options.
  • Personalized screensaver functionality.
  • Realistic preview of selected stitches.
  • Faster on-screen design rendering.
  • Increased file extension viewing.
  • HD LCD display by Sharp Corporation.
  • 11 new on-screen instructional videos .

Brother Quattro 6000D Accessories

  • Exclusive USB mouse.
  • Includes 3 new quilting feet.
  • New bobbin clips included.
  • 2-spool thread stand included.
  • Microfiber accessory cloth.
  • New high-quality accessory box for storage within arm of machine.
  • 3 removable accessory trays.
  • Custom Fashion Rolling Luggage.
  • Custom Fashion Luggage for Embroidery Arm and Accessories.
  • New dampened top cover.
  • Color coordinated top and needle up/down knob.
  • Non-slip grip handle.
  • New sturdier hoop design with better gripping surface.
  • New Quintessential Idea Book.
  • New embroidered dust cover.

Brother Quattro 6000D Software Features

  • New easy-to-navigate home screen.
  • New easy-to-use screen layout.
  • 3 USB ports.
  • New high-speed 2.0 port for design transfer.
  • A third port for computer connectivity and future upgrades.
  • Customizable USB mouse pointer functions.
  • Optional external USB embroidery card reader.
  • Adjustable sound in 5 levels.
  • 9 sounds for function differentiation.