Tajima TEHX-C1501 Embroidery Machine

Condition: New


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Tajima TEHX-C1501 Embroidery Machine is one of the most popular Tajima single head models on the used embroidery machine market and comes with a warranty and has already been serviced by our certified technician

Tajima TEHX-C1501 Embroidery Machine is a single head, cylinder-type embroidery machine produced since 2001 with features a top sewing speed of 1200 spm, a 270 cap system, a removable table and a rotary thread break system.

The Tajima TEHX has an H model control panel. This model originally shipped with a floppy disk drive but can be upgraded to a floppy drive emulator (see more information below).

MORE INFORMATION : http://wiki.embroiderymachine.com/index.php?title=Tajima_TEHX_C1501


- 270 wide field cap driver
- Cap hooping gauge
- Tubular driver
- One set of 270 wide field cap frames
- Three sets of tubular hoops
- Built in disc drive
- Removable table

15 Needle / 15 Color

Drop Table

The 3.5" floppy disk drive was replaced with a USB emulator so you can load your files through a USB thumb drive.

Includes the following:
(2) 12 cm hoops
(2) 15 cm hoops
(2) 18 cm hoops
(2) Jacket back hoops
(2) 413x467 jumbo hoops
(1) Cap station
(1) Cap frame device
(2) Cap frames
(1) Cap back clamp