Husqvarna Viking Rose 605 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Manufacturer: Husqvarna

Condition: New


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Husqvarna Viking Rose 605 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is complete sewing machine to sew fashions, home accessories, quilts and more, simply touch the picture of your desired stitch.

Husqvarna Viking Rose 605 Sewing and Embroidery Machine are capable of sewing and embroidering professional looking stitches with The stitch tension and stitch length are set instantly and the Infodisplay window recommends the best settings.



* Front, drop-in bobbin - easy to insert, easy to see.

* Automatic bobbin thread take up - drop in place then sew.

* Engraved snap-on presser feet - the Infodisplay tells you which one to snap on in a second.

* Three built-in thread cutters - trim threads when sewing, winding a bobbin and inserting a bobbin without fumbling for your scissors.

* Adjustable presser foot pressure - smooth, even feeding on bulky knits to fine sheers.

* Adjustable sewing speed -speed control with full piercing power for precision stitching.

* Fold-away carrying handle -for easy portability.

* Selectronic needle stop -choose in advance whether the needle stops in the up or downposition.
* Slide-on embroidery unit - transform your sewing machine to an embroidery machine in seconds.

* One-touch stitch selection - no dials to turn, no scrolling through numbers.

* Infodisplay window tells you everything you need to know to sew and embroider.

* Truly automatic, self-adjusting thread tension - for perfect stitching no matter what the fabric or technique.

* Bobbin is wound from the needle - no need to unthread and rethread.

* Up-front threading - every-thing is at your fingertips.